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H.P. Lovecraft’s video games http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games Video games inspired by H.P. Lovecraft... Tue, 22 Feb 2011 12:45:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.16 Darkness Within 2 : The Dark Lineage http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=149 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=149#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:23:30 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=149 “… I feel the time draws near. We are rambling on the verge of madness that is about to swallow us. And I can see everybody feels it in their hearts and souls. Happiness is gone from us leaving only depression behind. It seems even we can feel this much. Unholy, long-dead and nameless things started to roam freely in the darkest and secluded places; laughing, screeching, murmuring. I can hear them in the dead of the nights and now they even dare to come near to our places. Soon, very soon indeed the grinning madness will descend onto us to burn our souls.”

From the notes of Edwin Pickman, the poet.

Now, it’s getting even darker!

Once again, put yourself into the shoes of Howard E. Loreid and delve into a chilling Lovecraftian world which is getting darker every moment.

In “The Dark Lineage”, the second installment of the Darkness Within series, Howard E. Loreid discovers his own horrible past is connected with the madness that is about to swallow him.

The Dark Lineage will take you to places where the “things” of the past still live, and all the memories that should be long-forgotten are still remembered; including a drowsy, depressive town called Arkhamend, a victorian mannsion that hides a lot of horrible secrets, a dilapidated building inside a notorious, snow-clad woods and dim underground buildings and tunnels.

The Dark Lineage is coming more frightening and stronger than the previous installment as it is armed with a more advanced, realtime 3D game engine. Interact freely with the game world: use dynamic light sources, carry them with you to light your way, push, pull or throw objects away to find out the underlying secrets and examine every little detail. A fresh and realistic gaming experience which was not seen in any other adventure game is waiting for you.

Prepare yourself for the descending darkness, this time it will be ultimate.

Key Features:

A new and more advanced game engine:

With the new and more advanced version of the original game engine of Darkness Within, you can move anywhere you want, light up your way with light sources that cast real-time soft shadows and realistically lift up, push, pull or throw objects with the power of NVIDIA® PhysX™ engine.

Built-in Hint System with 3 Difficulty Levels:

Players can choose to play in Standard, Detective or Senior Detective modes.

Dynamic Puzzles and Features:

Traditional adventure game puzzles are complimented by deciphering dreams, underlining excerpts in documents to garner critical clues and interacting physically

with the environment.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience:

The proprietary fully 3D realtime game engine enables compelling special effects, stunning visuals, and dynamic lighting and shading, in a first person game environment.

Eerie Gameplay Atmosphere:

An immersive experience is created by a fascinating Lovecraftian story, chilling real-time cut scenes, and haunting music.

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Anchorhead http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=146 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=146#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:16:56 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=146 About the Story

From wikipedia:

“It is loosely based on the Cthulhu mythos. Anchorhead takes place in a New England town by the same name that bears a resemblance to Innsmouth, Arkham, and other fictional towns created by H.P. Lovecraft.”

Game Details

Language: English (en)

First Publication Date: May 1, 1998

Current Version: 5

License: Freeware

Development System: Inform

Forgiveness Rating: Tough

Baf’s Guide ID: 17

IFIDs: ZCODE-5-990206-6B48


TUID: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7


Nominee, Best Game; Nominee, Best Writing; Nominee, Best Story; Winner, Best Setting; Nominee, Best Puzzles; Nominee, Best Individual NPC – 1998 XYZZY Awards

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Amnesia : The Dark Descent http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=128 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=128#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:13:57 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=128 More details coming soon from another non euclidian dimension…

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The lurking horror http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=140 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=140#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:11:38 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=140

More details coming soon from another non euclidian dimension…

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Alone in the dark http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=138 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=138#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:10:32 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=138

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alone in the Dark

Original PC boxart (CD version)


Original PC boxart (Floppy version)


Developer(s) Infogrames

Publisher(s) Infogrames (Europe)

Interplay (North America)

Pony Canyon (Japan)

Designer(s) Frédérick Raynal

Franck de Girolami

Platform(s) DOS (Windows Installer Available), 3DO, Mac OS, RISC OS

Release date(s) DOS

EU 1992

NA 1992


EU 1994

NA 1994

JP October 21, 1994


NA 1994

Genre(s) Survival horror

Mode(s) Single player



Media four 3.5″ floppy discs, 1 CD-ROM

System requirements

16 MHz Processor, 640K RAM, 5 MB free hard drive space

Alone in the Dark is a 1992 survival horror game developed by Infogrames. The game has spawned several sequels, as part of the Alone in the Dark series, and was one of the first survival horror games, after the 1989 Capcom game, Sweet Home. Alone in the Dark set the standard for later rival popular survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

This game is known to take place in the same continuity as Infogrames’s slightly later game Shadow of the Comet, as a book located in the game makes explicit reference to elements of Shadow of the Comet’s backstory.


1 Story

2 Characters

2.1 Edward Carnby

2.2 Emily Hartwood

2.3 Jeremy Hartwood

2.4 Ezechiel Pregzt

3 Gameplay

4 Graphics

5 Sequels

6 See also

7 References

8 External links


In 1924, Jeremy Hartwood, a noted artist and the owner of the Louisiana mansion Derceto, has committed suicide by hanging himself. His death appears suspicious yet seems to surprise no-one, for Derceto is widely reputed to be haunted by an evil power. The case is quickly dealt with by the police and soon forgotten by the public. The player assumes the role of either Edward Carnby – a private investigator who is sent to find a piano in the loft for an antique dealer – or Emily Hartwood, Jeremy’s niece, who is also interested in finding the piano because she believes a secret drawer in it has a note in which Jeremy explains his suicide. The player, either as Carnby or Hartwood, goes to the mansion to investigate. As the player enters the house, the doors mysteriously slam shut behind him or her. Reluctantly, he or she continues up to the attic. In that room, the action begins.

Seconds after the game allows the player to take control of their character, monsters will make their first attack. The player must then progress back down through the house, fighting off various creatures and other hazards in the house, including a whole staff of staggering zombies and various monsters (not all of which can be killed), booby-traps and arcane books, in order to solve the mystery of Derceto and find a way out.

It is eventually explained through documents found throughout the game that the house was built by an occultist pirate named Ezechiel Pregzt, and beneath the house are caverns that were used for dark rituals and other occult doings. The overall goal of these rituals was to increase his fortunes and unnaturally extend his life. Pregzt’s original body was incapacitated after he was shot and Derceto was burned down by encamped Union soldiers during the American Civil War. However, Pregzt’s spirit lived on within his dried-up corpse, and had been placed by his servants in an old tree in the caverns underneath Derceto (which is, as Pregzt explains in one of many books lying around the house, an alternate name for Astarte or Shub-Niggurath). It would be possible for him to regenerate himself, though that requires a living body. Jeremy Hartwood committed suicide to prevent being used for this purpose; so Pregzt now focuses his energies on the player.











Edward Carnby

Main article: Edward Carnby

A supernatural private investigator who is sent to a Louisana mansion to find a Piano which Jeremy Hartwood’s niece is eager to find as she believe it to hold his suicide note. As soon as Edward enters the house, the doors slam shut but persistent Edward continues his search and battles several paranormal apparitions in the process.

Emily Hartwood

A niece of Derceto’s last owner: alternative protagonist to Carnby, she goes on to become an actress and appears in the third game.

Jeremy Hartwood

Last owner of Derceto mansion. Professional artist. Horrified by nightmares, which were in fact Pregzt’s attempts to possess him, hanged himself in the loft. Jeremy’s father, Howard Hartwood, bought Derceto’s ruins in 1875, rebuilt it as it had been before fire, and later unearthed and explored its underground tunnels.

Ezechiel Pregzt

Given name Bloody Ezech. Reportedly the bloodiest pirate in all the Seven Seas. Anchored his ship Astarte near New Orleans, Louisiana. Made a hideout in a swamp, but ultimately was hanged in 1620 by Welsh Naval conscripts. Was reborn as Eliah Pickford. Now, his spirit lives underneath the Derceto Mansion, waiting to live again by possessing a living, human host and unleash darkness upon the world.


Edward Carnby as seen in the game.

Players are given the option of choosing between a male or female protagonist (Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood respectively), and are then trapped inside the haunted mansion of Derceto after dark. The player character starts in the attic (the place of Jeremy’s suicide by hanging), having ascended to the top of the mansion without incident, and is then tasked with exploring the mansion in order to find a way out while avoiding, outsmarting or defeating various supernatural enemies including slave zombies, giant bipedal rat-like creatures, and other even more bizarre foes. Though starting with no weapons except fists and feet, the player character can find, and utilise, weapons such as firearms, kitchen knives, and swords.

However, combat only plays a partial role in the gameplay. For example, the total number of slave zombies throughout the entire game is only about a dozen, and many opponents can be beaten by solving a particular puzzle rather than a straight fight – indeed, a significant number of opponents cannot be killed. Much of the game involves exploration and puzzle-solving, and searching the house for clues to advance the story and learn more about what happened before the player’s arrival.

The story is revealed to the player through an extensive series of books and notes found throughout the game, and is heavily influenced by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Grimoires found in the mansion’s library include the Necronomicon and De Vermis Mysteriis, both taken from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Other Mythos references include books that feature the narrated history of Lord Boleskine, a direct reference to another Infogrames Cthulhu Mythos-based game, Shadow of the Comet, and the last name of player character Edward Carnby, a reference to John Carnby, a character in the mythos tale Return of the Sorcerer by Clark Ashton Smith. Several of the supernatural opponents are recognisable creatures from the Mythos, including Deep Ones, Nightgaunts and a Chthonian.


Items and characters in Alone in the Dark are three-dimensional, rendered upon a two-dimensional fixed background. Mixing polygons and 2D prerendered background images required a fixed camera angle, which designers used to their advantage to create dramatic scene setups appropriate for a horror-themed game.

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Prisoner of ice http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=136 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=136#comments Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:09:34 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=136 More details coming soon from another non euclidian dimension…

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World of Lovecraft http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=129 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=129#comments Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:03:21 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=129 67473_155601874479123_146591735380137_256401_5441897_n

World of Lovecraft is an online multiplayer game set in the unique universe of H.P. Lovecraft.

It is a game of cooperation AND competition : the game pits a group of players against one. The group must cooperate to defeat their single opponent.

The Myth player will secretly plot a story using predefined elements (actions, places, subplots, characters) and try to fulfill its required chapters.


At the same time, the Circle of players will try to discover the plot, expose the characters and places and counter the Myth player’s chapters with its own. To do so, they will have to agree on the best use of the limited resources they have, carefully plan their actions (each action takes some time) and confront the Myth player at the best time.


What are the references for the game?

* Board games such as FFG’s Fury of Dracula, Middle-Earth Quest
* Role-playing games such as Call of Cthulhu or Warhammer 3rd edition
* Books from HPL and its respectful literary heirs
* Video games such as Dark Corners of the Earth or the original Alone in the Dark
* Movies such as… er, no, no movies actually

What World of Lovecraft is NOT
* WoL is NOT an MMORPG: the game will be played in sessions lasting one to three weeks.
* WoL is NOT in 3D: the world is discrete (not continuous) so you don’t have to spend hours with your finger on the up arrow exploring places that have no purpose but artificially increasing the game’s duration. Furthermore, visuals are important and we feel it is harder to crate a beautiful game in 3D.
* It is not a real-time combat: conflicts exist in the game but violence is often the last resource and most of the time not the most efficient for humans.

The World of Lovecraft Team



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Darkness Within – In Pursuit of Loath Nolder http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=110 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=110#comments Tue, 12 Oct 2010 11:58:56 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=110 Point and click
Released in 2008
Available on PC


Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder which is the first of a series of three games, is a panoramic first person 3D adventure/horror thriller game which takes place in an imaginary “Lovecraftian” place called Wellsmoth.

The story of the game was written with the help of the impressions of the great writer H.P. Lovecraft’s works. So players will encounter a dark and frightening world to interact with, and sinister characters to speak with or beware of. Thus, the game’s environment and characters were designed appropriately for the series’ main objective which is to give fear, psychological pressure and most important of all, a Lovecraftian feeling to the gamer. This Lovecraftian environment is enriched with a deep and immersing story, cinematics and music.








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Scratches http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=101 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=101#respond Fri, 09 Jan 2009 15:36:02 +0000 http://www.deviationsociale.com/lovecraft_games/?p=101 Point and click
Released in 2006
Available on PC


Not an officialy Lovecraft related games but you can find a copy of the De Vermiis Mysteriis by Ludwig Prinn in the church.

Tibi, Magnum Innominandum, sigma stellarum nigrarum et bufinaformis Sadoquae sigillum…”

Ludwig Prinn, 1542



Details :
Publisher: Got Game Entertainment

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