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World of Lovecraft
Video games inspired by H.P. Lovecraft…

World of Lovecraft

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World of Lovecraft is an online multiplayer game set in the unique universe of H.P. Lovecraft.

It is a game of cooperation AND competition : the game pits a group of players against one. The group must cooperate to defeat their single opponent.

The Myth player will secretly plot a story using predefined elements (actions, places, subplots, characters) and try to fulfill its required chapters.


At the same time, the Circle of players will try to discover the plot, expose the characters and places and counter the Myth player’s chapters with its own. To do so, they will have to agree on the best use of the limited resources they have, carefully plan their actions (each action takes some time) and confront the Myth player at the best time.


What are the references for the game?

* Board games such as FFG’s Fury of Dracula, Middle-Earth Quest
* Role-playing games such as Call of Cthulhu or Warhammer 3rd edition
* Books from HPL and its respectful literary heirs
* Video games such as Dark Corners of the Earth or the original Alone in the Dark
* Movies such as… er, no, no movies actually

What World of Lovecraft is NOT
* WoL is NOT an MMORPG: the game will be played in sessions lasting one to three weeks.
* WoL is NOT in 3D: the world is discrete (not continuous) so you don’t have to spend hours with your finger on the up arrow exploring places that have no purpose but artificially increasing the game’s duration. Furthermore, visuals are important and we feel it is harder to crate a beautiful game in 3D.
* It is not a real-time combat: conflicts exist in the game but violence is often the last resource and most of the time not the most efficient for humans.

The World of Lovecraft Team



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  1. Can find proper website to play this game.lots od dead links etc….
    Any help

  2. admin

    Unfortunately… the project has been suspended 🙁

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