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About H.P. Lovecraft
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About H.P. Lovecraft

lovecraft-and-a-catHoward Philips Lovecraft, the genius writer of the gothic literature. No need to mention about him to whom read his stories well. He always plunged into the dim past of our very own world and the vast emptiness of space; there he found something which others never saw and processed it in a perfect way. Thus he formed a dreadful and attractive fictional universe.

And we always impressed by the stories of him which based on this fictitious but cogent universe, fictitious but with his writing, real as today. And by this impression, the main idea of the Loath Nolder game series has been appeared and developed. For this and for all of his writings which opened a new perspective for us we want to thank him.

The following paragraph is just a short biography of H.P. Lovecraft. For more information about him, his writings and his life please visit www.hplovecraft.com

For somebody Lovecraft is the most important representative of American fantastic literature after E.A. Poe; and for somebody he is the peak of the gothic movement. He was born in 1890 in Rhode Island and died in 1937. During his life he wrote 51 stories and all of his stories were written on a strong basis. Therefore, at the present, there are still lots of people who believe in the reality of the Necronomicon which was created by Lovecraft